Pavel Kireyev

Assistant Professor of Marketing | INSEAD

Current Interests: Applications of data science to Web 3.0 - decentralized apps (dApps), nonfungible tokens (NFT), and decentralized finance (DeFi), as well as data portability, crowdsourcing, and platform design in Web 2.0 markets. Feel free to reach out for collaborations.

Bio: I'm an Assistant Professor of Marketing at INSEAD where I teach AI Strategy (MBA) and machine learning for management research (PhD). I led ML projects at QuantCo, helping the company grow from pre-incorporation to 80+ employees, and worked in Tokyo, Japan and the US. I grew up around Washington, DC and Geneva.


Artificial Intelligence Strategy (MBA 2018-)

Machine Learning, Causality, and Management (PhD 2019-)

Machine Learning in Marketing Science (MiM 2020-)

Demystifying AI in the Food Industry (ExecEd 2020)

AI Strategy for the CMO (ExecEd 2019)


ObEN PAI: Building a World of Personal AI Avatars  (with Peter Zemsky, Lisa Duke), INSEAD Case (2020)

Preferred Networks: A Deep Learning Startup Powers the Internet of Things (with Theodoros Evgeniou, Nancy Brandwein), INSEAD Case (2019)

Zalora: Data-Driven Pricing (with Sunil Gupta, Srinivas Reddy), Harvard Business School Case (2018)

Other Publications

Making Sense of the NFT Marketplace (with Peter C. Evans), Harvard Business Review (2021)